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‘Excellent, intensive but interesting’.

Jonathon Cummins

National Trust

Business Development

Veromar Consultants are independent, professionally trained and qualified, with considerable industry experience in business and specifically marketing.

To survive in today’s world it is essential to create an environment so the right conditions for innovation will flourish and to be receptive to change and improvement.

We help our clients to ‘stretch their boundaries’ and to explore new opportunities for their businesses. Our knowledge and understanding of the marketing process will provide you with a competitive edge to keep your business ahead.

Our aim is to develop a marketing strategy, which meets your business objectives. We take a step-by-step approach to building your business, the aim being to create sustainable growth.

As part of our approach we investigate what will give your business a competitive edge over the competition, we identify your target market and assess how your clients make their buying decisions. It is only after this appraisal that we are able to develop an effective marketing strategy.

By contracting Veromar, a professional strategic marketing partnership, to give your business a clear direction, you can concentrate on what you need to do - run your business.

Call now on 01626 834700 for a free preliminary discussion or click now and email Margaret Hiles DipM FCIM.

New Product Development

To define new or unmet market needs it is necessary to observe everyday culture and to examine the way people live, work and learn to establish market needs and patterns. By analysing this information within segmented markets, we can identify needs that consumers did not even know existed and develop new products to meet these needs. We can also find new uses for existing products allowing for multiple market segments.

Veromar has considerable experience in new product development and brand development.
We can lead your business into new areas to achieve growth and profit.

Call now on 01626 834700 for a free preliminary discussion or click now and email Margaret Hiles DipM FCIM.

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